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Want me to draw something for you?

Here is all the information you need regarding my styles, prices and terms of service

Commission types

My art styles and their prices

From 35 € and up

mountian study  wof 2.png

How to order

Qucik overwiew of how to

order, payment and process

CRAB 1.png

Terms of service

Boring stuff you should read

before we begin

Commission styles and prices

The following prices refer to commissioned art for personal usage. You're not allowed to repurpose my art for merch, branding or printed material unless discussed.

cycl of life red v2 v3.png
Simple lineart

With or without shading

With shading: 45 €

Without shading: 35 €

Additional character: + 50% of

original price

Extra objects: This can be skulls, foilage, crystals, weapons and the like: +3-8 €

glowy wolf 1.png
Digital painting

With or without hints of lineart

Headshot or bust: 60-80 €

Fullbody: 80-100 €

Additional character: + 50% of

original price

Extra objects, for example skulls, foilage, crystals, weapons, etc: +5-10 €

Background: +10-35 € depending on complexity

fly agaric 1.png
Other Styles
Gallery inspiration 

I work with many different styles, and you are of course 

welcome to suggest a commission in any of my previous styles - or why not combine two?

How to order & Process


  • Contact me through email: or any of my social media.

  • Explain what you have in mind in regards of subject or style. If you're not sure what you want we can work together to come up with something. Feel free to provide me with visual examples/sketches that explain your idea

  • If you have references, make sure to provide them. If you're looking to commission a portrait of a pet make sure to give at least 3 high quality images that shows the subject from multiple angles.


  • I'm using paypal for payment. I'll send the invoice to your email. Once the invoice is paid I will begin to work on your commission.


  •  Once the invoice is paid. I'll send you my initial sketches in greyscale. Three sketchrounds are included in the price.

  • Depending on how complex the commission is you'll get 1-2 updates while the work is in progress.

  • After the commission is finished, minor changes can be made

CRAB 1.png
Policy and rights
  • I reserve the copyright to the commissioned artwork. This means you are not allowed to use the art commercially. Buying commercial rights can be discussed.

  • If the artwork has been completed, no refunds are possible

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission on any grounds

  • Do not claim the art work as yours or repost without credit

  • Do not alter the image without my permission. Cropping is ok.

  • Do not use it to train AI models

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